Wednesday, March 26, 2008

High School Musical

So Bekah is turning into a "tween". She told me a few weeks ago that her room is too babyish and she wants it to look different-she is 6 1/2 you know!. I asked her what she wanted to change it to and she said "High School Musical". She loves the movies and can't wait for #3 to come out this summer. She loves Zac Efron. She actually discovered him in the movie Hairspray and then when she figured out he was the kid in High School Musical, she was hooked. Anyway, we are making her earn her HSM bedroom by doing extra chores and stuff. Bribery works well with her. So far she has earned a decorative pillow and a fleece throw. She wants her entire bedroom to be HSM, even the walls need to be the bright crazy colors. So, we are taking it slow in hopes that we won't actually have to make it look like HSM blew up in her bedroom.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

New scrapbook room

So this has been a work in progress for a long time. My scrapbook stuff/supplies continue to outgrow the spaces I put it in. It first started out in our hall closet in a 3 drawer plastic cabinet with wheels. I would sit on the floor at the coffee table and scrapbook-killer on the back. I then moved it to some cabinets in our dining area. I would pull it out to work on it at the kitchen table but I hate the clean up part so there it would sit for weeks-dinner suffered alot at our house. Anyway, last year Neldon bought a gigantor desk to put the computer on-it was time to get the computer out in the open since the kids started wanting to use it. So, the desk in the third bedroom upstairs was now free for me to takeover.

We moved beds around and made this my "Scrapbook Room". I finally had a space where I could spread out and be creative. But, I just kept piling stuff in that room. I would go in there to organize it and just get overwhelmed. My Grandma Sessions used to have one of those cans with a springy snake shoved in it and whenever you opened the can the snake would spring out of it-well, this is what the room got like so I just kept the door shut.

Well, last week my sister Lori was here for a few days. She has a son that is Rhett's age so they entertained each other great. I made her make me work on the room. I wanted to paint it to get a fresh start. I wanted to do a golden (not lemony or sunny) yellow because the shelves and desk are brown and I thought they would go together nicely. Plus, yellow is a bright, cheery color and maybe it will be inspirational. So, we picked out two yellows, one a shade darker than the other to do an accent wall. Well, it wasn't quite what I pictured-it is very bright-but I do like it. It looked better once we got the furniture back in place.

The boys got excited and wanted to help. We told them that there weren't any extra paint brushes. Well, kids are not stupid. They dug through the stuff that I had moved out of the room and found some little foam brushes and said "We are ready to paint. We found little brushes just for us." Aren't they cute?! Rhett the Exhibitionist and Cohen the Picker.

Now I just have to put all of the little stuff away-that is the hard part. I want to get it done soon. I am going to do a scrap day on 4/5 with Jaime and Diana so I need to be able to find stuff.

Monday, March 10, 2008

3 year old boys-UGH!!!!!

So, being the mom to a 3 year old boy is challenging. On Sunday morning, he decided to barf his pancakes up all over my couch. This morning, he was playing with a friend and they konked heads and it got Rhett just in the right spot to give him a bloody nose. All of the blood freeked him out so he wouldn't calm down. The bathroom looked like a murder scene. Add that to the non-stop cleaning of pee because he hasn't figured out the whole aiming technique yet, and I seem to be cleaning up a lot of body fluids from him. Add that to the constant tormenting of his brother and sister, always getting into stuff he shouldn't be, and all of the other things 3 year old boys do........UGH!
Good thing he is cute because that earns him points.