Friday, July 31, 2009


We visited Yellowstone this past weekend while we were in Idaho. The day started off rainy and overcast. Jenny had only packed shorts & sandals for everyone and worried about being cold. But, by the end of the day, the sun came out and it was a beautiful day. We tried to do the whole park in one day. Most of the day was spent on the northern end looking at all of the waterfalls and mountains. I informed the kids that we were inside of a volcano and it really had them curious and confused. They couldn't figure out where the lava was. I love Yellowstone, but Rebekah thinks the thermal sites smell like daddy. What is that supposed to mean? The thing we heard the most from the kids was "oh no, not another waterfall." The kids thought the mudpots and geysers were more exciting. Regardless, we had fun, and the kids loved seeing all the animals (which I thought there was a lack of). We ended the day in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Here are a few pictures:

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Knight Family Reunion

With Jenny spending the week at Girl's Camp, I had to do this one on my own. That was no small task.... Dad and three kids camping in the wild. This year, we were high in the mountains between Manti and Price, Utah. As always, it was fun, and the kids had a blast. The things they enjoy most, like playing in the dirt, no baths, & eating with your hands.. etc, are the same things that wear out their parents. But, hanging out with the family and cousins makes it more than worth it. Next year, it is my family's turn to plan the reunion. Between the rain, and chasing kids all weekend, I can say that I was worn out when this one was over. I am just now recovering from the weekend. Here are a few pictures:

Manti LDS Temple
Austin playing ball with Grandpa Barrowes
Rebekah and Hazel on the Quad
Cousins at play

July 4th

Nothing special happened at our house on the 4th. It was the first time in ten years I have not worked the holiday, however, so that was nice. We woke up early Saturday (8 AM is early for me) to catch a parade, only to get there and find out that it was cancelled for budgetary reasons. So we ended up hanging out at the house doing pretty much nothing. We had a few fireworks to fire off that evening. Rebekah and her class put on a Independence Day show at school, and she did a great job.