Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Another update...

Yikes, it has been since May 30th since we last posted anything and so much has happened since then. I would love to say that we have been so busy that I just can't get to it but that wouldn't be true. We have had a lot happen since then but there are no excuses.... So, here is a 3 month breakdown.

The biggest news was the addition of baby #4 to our family. Payton McKay Barrowes arrived on June 14 at 4:52 pm and he weighed in at 8 lbs. 7 oz. and was 20 inches long. He has his own look but at the same time looks like the rest of the bunch. I got a little impatient and was induced. He was due on the 9th (I know, it is just a guess date but when that day comes and nothing happens, it gets a little frustrating) so I gave him a few extra days before forcing him out. I was a little selfish, though, because I didn't want him to share a birthday with me (6/12) :) All went well with the delivery, the epidural was in before anything hurt too much, and then we just sat around until show time. Here are some pics.

Thanks to my sister Lyndsey and her cute little boy Emmett for coming down and entertaining the troops while Payton was being born. Grandma Barrowes also came down for a week which helped out tons!!!

As if adding a baby to the family wasn't enough excitement/chaos for the week, I celebrated my 34th b-day (6/12), my cousin also got married (on 6/12) and my 94 year old grandpa decided he had been hanging out on earth long enough. He passed away about 8 hours after Payton was born. So, I then shared my 13th wedding anniversary with his funeral. Grandpa Seegmiller was the only grandpa I ever knew since my Grandpa Sessions passed way before my parents were married. He wasn't always the nicest guy but I do have great memories of him. I am lucky enough to be one of the oldest cousins which means that I actually spent time with him. He, well Grandma actually, would take us to the farm when grandpa was out there. We usually got in his way but we still loved going. Even though my kids were loud and crazy and got in his way, he always told me that I was a good mom. He told me many times that I was a peach. I guess that is a good thing. I'm glad grandma and grandpa can be together again and that grandpa is finally released from his earthly ailments. He will be missed.

Well, that is June. I have screaming kids so July and August will come later.