Tuesday, June 23, 2009

How can you not love them?!!!!

Ever have one of those days when you wonder what you were thinking when you decided to be a parent? I know you have all been there. Luckily, children do amazing things each day to remind us how much we love them and how lucky we are to be trusted with these sweet little spirits. Well, I didn't have a bad day today but there have been recently. I was just looking at some pictures and decided I had to post them - like I said, How can you not love them?!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Vacation !!!!

For quite some time, Jenny and I have been planning our vacation to Colorado. It finally happened, and we just got home. It was a good time. Initially, we invited my parents, my sister Vanessa and her family, and the Able family, good friends of ours. Matt & Heather were the only ones to commit to it at that time, so we began planning. About two weeks before departure time, we found out my brother, Spencer, was going to be in the states from Hong Kong and wanted to come along. This re-ignited interest from Vanessa and Dave, as well as my mother and youngest brother, Bryce. Also tagging along was Daisy, our 13 year-old neighbor/babysitter. In all, we became a group of 23 (13 kids under ten, four of them 2 yrs old)

We found a great place to stay on Frying Pan Creek, near Basalt, Colorado. It is called Taylor Creek Cabins, and consisted of one large cabin, which we were able to reserve. By a stroke of luck, Spencer and Grandma Norma were able to get a smaller cabin in the same area due to a late cancellation. This gave us lots of room for kids to run, and beds for the adults. Kids got couches and floors for sleeping. It was a beautiful cabin, secluded, with a creek running through the property.

We packed a lot of events into a few days, and everyone had a good time. Some of the highlights included a bicycle ride along the Colorado River in Glenwood Canyon, touring Glenwood Caverns, riding an Alpine slide, river rafting the Roaring Fork River, and a scenic drive to the Maroon Bells and over Independence Pass. Rebekah made her first attempt at river rafting, and by the end of the run, decided it was "boring." The guide did let her "drive" the boat a couple of times so I guess she is ready for some white water. Rhett tried his hand at fishing, but on his first cast, launched Matt's fishing pole into Frying Pan Creek, and that was the end of that. The kids ran & ran & ran and all had a good time, wearing out the grown-ups in the process. All in all, the trip was a success, and we are now experiencing the duldrums of a return to daily life - having all of the neighborhood kids show up by 10 am this morning to play.

Here are a few more pictures.


Just using this post to show a picture of our little jokester, Austin. He is a fun kid with lots of energy, but even this little guy eventually runs out of gas.