Monday, October 13, 2008

Grandpa's New Old Car

We recently spent some time in UT hanging out with family and relaxing. My kids love their grandparents so much and they are so lucky to have such awesome grandparents. Thanks to both my parents and Neldon's parents for letting us mooch off you and trash your houses! We had a great time!

Anyway, Neldon's dad has had an ongoing project for as long as I have known him-I think it has been a project for a very long time. He has been working on restoring a 1936 (I think) Packard that he has had since high school to its original glory. It is a beautiful car! While we were hanging out with Grandpa Barrowes, he thought the kids would like a ride. The coolest thing about this car is that it has a rumble seat. Bekah and Rhett thought that it was pretty cool that Grandpa's car had a seat in the trunk. Ha Ha! So, he took them for a couple of rides around the block. He mention that they were the first kids to ride in the seat in about 30 years. Here are some pics!