Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Rebekah Loves to Swim

Rebekah is becoming a very good swimmer. She can do most every stroke and enjoys her daily swimming lessons. As if those were not enough, when we visit Uncle Scott and family on Mondays for FHE, she usually goes straight to their pool for another dip before we start. On the weekends, we often take another visit in at the public pool, or at her friend Emilee's house. Rhett also enjoys swimming and by this time next year, will probably be able to swim without help. Here are a couple pictures of Rebekah learning to dive below and jumping off the high dive above. She turns 7 in about three weeks.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Football Baby !!!!

Anyone who knows me knows I am crazy about most sports, but am especially fanatical about football. I love football at all levels; high school, college or pro. My pro team is the Chicago Bears-- who cause me more pain than joy most seasons. My big love is college football though, particularly my alma mater, BYU.

I have been to some great games and have lived through up and down seasons, so BYU's recent success has been especially sweet, given the dark years BYU fans had to endure from 2002-2005. The last two years, BYU has finished 11-2 with two MWC titles and LV Bowl wins.

Here are a few pictures from recent games.

2006 Las Vegas Bowl vs Oregon

The picture below is particularly funny. Last November, during the 2007 game between BYU and Utah, some fairly annoying Ute fans were sitting a row or two behind us. Considering how outnumbered they were at the time, they managed to be quite obnoxious.... especially for the minute or so they held the lead toward the end of the game. In the end, BYU pulled out a late win and, amidst our celebration, those guys slipped out in such a hurry, they left their blanket behind. Rest assured, we treated it with the utmost respect.... We dragged it on the ground to our car, then hitched it to the trailer hitch behind our car all the way home before throwing it in the garbage.

(from right to left: me, Alicia, Courtney, Spencer and Lowell (dad). Spencer was visiting all the way from Hong Kong for the weekend and did not leave disappointed.

2007 Las Vegas Bowl:

BYU football has provided the family a great excuse to get out and see some wonderful places as we follow the team around. We have been to Boston, Florida, Atlanta, Virginia, Notre Dame, Boise St, San Diego, Stanford, Reno, the Rose Bowl and LA Colisseum, New Mexico, and the Cotton Bowl to name a few (I am sure I forgot a couple). Notre Dame and the Univ of Virginia were my favorite campuses to see, both beautiful and filled with tradition. Boston was our favorite family vacation and Boston College has one of the finest settings around. My least favorite trips were USC, UCLA and Stanford. I must have issues with liberal Californians or something.

This year, we are planning to attend away games in UW (Seattle), Logan (Utah St), Air Force and Fort Collins, Colorado. I also will be at all six home games, and likely the Bowl game, whichever BYU ends up playing in.

GO Cougars !!!!