Thursday, December 18, 2008

SNOW !!!!

It's not often that we get to talk about the latest snowstorm in Las Vegas so when it dropped 8 inches this afternoon at our house, we got out there and lived it up. This picture represents the third time that we have had snow on our house/lawn in the ten years we have lived here.

As soon as he got a chance, Rhett was out making snow angels, throwing snowballs and working on a snowman.

Austin thought the snow looked cool, but after a few falls on the slippery ground, and cold hands, he'd had enough. We were lucky to get him to pose for this photo before hustling back inside.

It took me almost an hour and a half to drive into work tonight, making me wonder why the good folks of Las Vegas have no driving skills. Fortunately, the snow should melt and the weather be OK for the LV Bowl this Saturday, our fourth one in a row we'll attend. It will be cold, but I can handle that. Cold and super windy or cold and wet is another story...... Here is one last picture of our street and Rhett enjoying the snow.

My Rant

I guess this is just one more example of global warming at its best. When it is warmer than usual, blame global warming. If it is colder than usual, it is once again, the result of global warming. I guess I should have become a climatologist instead of a deck guard at the jail. I could have been a straight A student since it appears that every multiple choice question seems to have the same answer: Global warming. Don't get me wrong, we can always become more responsible with pollution and the impact we have on our environment. I just dislike the fear tactics and fanaticism associated with global warming. and it turns me off. The US can improve a lot, but China and other countries are far worse. Maybe we should spend some time shaming them in the world spotlight, then get back to imposing stringent standards on ours own country, far more than what our competitors have to meet. Quit scaring us, quit treating global warming like a religion in which we should simply accept the phenomenon as the fault of people, disregarding any evidence to the contrary. Lets get rational and talk about improving our world. No more scare tactics, stop strong arming companies, or hijacking the Supreme Court-- passing laws that environmentalists can't get past Congress, because they lack the numbers to pass them. Lets get intelligent conversation and debate on the subject (isn't that what the academic comminity is built around?), instead of simply demoninzing detractors and shunning them in the academic circles..... Maybe then we can make some progress in this arena. (deep breath).

If anyone is actually still reading, I feel better.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Rhett turns 4!

Rhett was so excited to open his card from Pops and get 4 of his very own dollars.

He has been asking for the Screaming Banchee from Cars for months.

Happy Birthday to my little Rhett-boy. He is so much fun and so excited about everything-especially Disney CARS! He would wake up every day and try to convince me it was time for his birthday. We invited some friends over for pizza and just let the kids run wild and play while we chit-chatted. Then came presents and cake. What a night!
I will never do another cake like this again. It turned out ok but it took me 2 hours and lots of frustration. No matter how much my kids want a cool cake-they are only going to get cupcakes from now on!
These are 2 of Rhett's best buddies, Samuel and Jared.