Sunday, October 11, 2009

Catch Up Post

Everyone keeps bugging me to get this thing updated. So, here will be your updates for August and September at the Barrowes household.


One day I was standing in my front doorway talking to a neighbor. There are always pigeons flying around, landing on our roof and making big messes-especially in the spring time when they are making their nests and laying eggs. Anyway, I turned around and looked in my living room and one of these stupid flying rats had walked right past me through the door and into my living room. YUK! It learned real quick to not mess with me and my broom.


Rebekah finished 2nd Grade on August 7. She loved her teacher, Mrs. Ferriero. We had a 2 week "summer break" since we are on year round school and then she started
3rd Grade. I can't believe I have a 3rd grader! Rhett started preschool and he loves it. He wishes it was every day. So do I.


Every other year, my mom's family has a family reunion. A different sibling is in charge of it so it is always an adventure to see where we will end up and how we will spend our weekend. This year is it was over Labor Day weekend and it was at Spring Mountain Ranch in Northeastern UT. The family that planned it found an AWESOME lodge that could fit all of us (about 75 people ranging from Grandpa Seegmiller Age 94 to my niece Piper, Age 5 months). It was a blast! My family is RAD! Neldon couldn't come with me this time because of his schedule change at work so it was a long 9 hour drive for me and the kids but it went really well. We played games, chit-chatted till the wee hours of the morning, learned some family history (mostly from my dad's side, the Allreds. My grandma Sessions grew up in the Uintah Basin area), ate lots of food, and watched a killer BYU vs. Oklahoma football game. I need to steal some pictures that my family took because I really didn't take very many.


Rebekah turned 8 on Sept. 5. Austin turned 2 on Sept. 15. Neldon turned 39 on Sept. 27. September is our birthday month.
Rebekah had a Hannah Montana party. It was all rock star themed and I made her a guitar shaped cake. They watched the Hannah Montana movie that had just come out on DVD.

Austin had a train themed party. I made him a train cake. We just invited some friends over for dinner and let the kids run around. Then we opened presents and ate cake and ice cream. Austin stayed up late playing with his new train tracks. Finally he fell asleep on them.

Neldon didn't get a birthday party. He was at his parents' house so I was off the hook. He bought himself a new bike so I didn't even have to worry about buying him a gift. Next year will be the big 40 so we will go crazy then.


Well, not really, but I felt that way for a couple of days. I got a killer deal on some produce so then I had to figure our what to do with it. It all got canned. 25 quarts of peaches, 14 quarts of pears, and 14 pints of salsa. MMMMM!

So, that catches you up through September.


Brett and Tiffany said...

Loved the cute cakes you made! I love will enjoy those canned goods all winter long...wait a minute, does it even get cold there? WEll, you will enjoy them anyway!

Mandi said...

Loved the update! LOVE the cakes you made. you are very creative and awesome!!!

Tanalyn said...

Great job on the cakes and the canning!! Like Tiffany said, you will so love the canned goods all winter!