Sunday, January 18, 2009

'Tis the season for GERMS

Nothing exciting, I just need to complain a little and get some sympathy from everyone in blogland. I hate being sick! But more important, I hate that moms get sick from taking care of sick kids! Rhett started with the sore throat, fever, and hacking up a lung. Then I got it, then Austin, and then Bekah. Rhett is feeling better but I still feel like crud because I waste all my energy taking care of the others. Luckily, Neldon was home for the past couple of days and that has helped a lot. He did all of the laundry this weekend and several loads of dishes. He pulled the night shift with the sick kids so that I could get some sleep and let me take naps each day. What a guy! I hate to think what I would feel like if he hadn't been around.

Anyway, we hope the nasty germs stay far from your house!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Holiday Happenings

This is a little late. Everyone else in blogland has already posted about Christmas and New Year's and all of the excitement of the holidays. So, mine is old news but oh well. We had a great holiday season-it was busy and involved A LOT of family.

It started out with some of Neldon's family coming to town for the Las Vegas Bowl. We were hoping for a victory to finish off the season but that didn't happen :( Here is the group shot. Somehow we managed to still put smiles on our faces. Unfortunately, we didn't get to spend much time with most of them because it seemed like they were all gone as quickly as they got here. At least we have football to get us all together!

Luckily, Aunt Brooksany got to stay an extra day or two and the kids had fun with her when it was time to decorate some yummy sugar cookies. Can you guess which ones Neldon decorated?

As soon as the Barrowes all left, it was time for the Sessions to show up. Poor Tim had gotten stranded in Chicago on his way home to SLC from visiting friends in NYC. It was quicker for him to come to LV instead of SLC, just having to get back into a car to drive down here the next day. The rest of the crew (minus Jeff''s family-we missed you guys) came on Christmas Eve afternoon. The people and the presents started showing up! It was beginning to look like Christmas had arrived. I had not put any presents out yet knowing that the kids would tear into them before they were supposed to. Aunt Lori read a story about a grumpy Santa as the kids decorated Santa's cookies. Our Christmas Eve traditions include yummy hogey sandwiches with the works, reading the Christmas story while Bekah does a puppet show with the "stuffed animal" nativity set we have, and opening new jammies before bedtime. Poor Neldon had to work and he missed out on all of the Christmas Eve fun. We missed him tons and are glad that Christmas will now fall on his days off for the next couple of years. Christmas morning came with tons of excitement. Santa brought our family a Wii and and several games and we are getting lots of practice. Anyone up for a tournament?!

It was fun to have everyone here but I was exhausted. Normally I am sad to put Christmas away but this year I couldn't get my house back to normal fast enough. It still took a whole week to get it done but all is well now. New Year's was uneventful-at least for me and the kids. Neldon got to work down on the Strip in all of the crazy excitement. I think I stayed up until 10-I know I watched the ball drop in Time Square-good enough for me. The next day was a beautiful day so we took the kids to the park. I don't mind not having snow-I love my my sunshine! School has now started back up and all is back to the normal level of chaos.

Anyway, we hope you all have a great 2009!