Monday, March 23, 2009

New Family Photos!

I finally got everyone dressed and ready for pictures. We went to Portrait Innovations. I love this place because the take soooooo many pictures. Our photographer took 127 shots. About 3/4 of them were no good but it ensured that we got some good ones. I ordered way too many so watch out, you may be getting a picture of my cute family whether you want one or not.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

New Microwave

The kids were asleep, Neldon was at work, and the house was all mine to enjoy some peace and quiet. I thought to myself, "Mmm, hot chocolate sure sounds good." So I go to my trusty microwave to heat some water and it sparked and died. What???!!!! I have to heat water on the stove??!! Who can live without a microwave?! This was a little sad because we have had the microwave for almost 12 years. It was the first thing we bought with our wedding money. Like I said, who can live without a microwave?! So the next day, I took the measurements and loaded up the boys and we went to Lowe's. I found a microwave, bought it and went home to plug it in. I hadn't paid attention to the depth of the cabinet. The microwave I bought was too deep to fit in the cut out in our cabinets. So I had to take it back. I looked at several stores and online and all of the microwaves were too big. Except for the little ones that look like they belong in a toy kitchen for little kids. Anyway, we decided to go for the over the range version instead. Neldon did a great job installing it and now I can enjoy my microwaved hot water again.

Let the games begin!!

I finally paid attention and actually checked the soccer sign ups on time this year. Bekah and Rhett are both signed up and so far they love it. We had to miss their first games but they are ready for the game today. They were so excited to get their new gear that we had to put it all on and go to the park to practice. Austin was thrilled.