Monday, November 1, 2010

Family Reunions

We had 2 family reunions to attend this past summer. I heart family reunions!

The first one was the Knight Family Reunion (Neldon's mom's side of the family) and it was held at a campground outside Kamas, Utah. Most people camped or stayed in trailers but we used the excuse of having a 3 week old baby so we got a hotel room in Park City. The theme was "The Amazing Race" and Neldon's mom Norma had some great events planned to entertain the troops. Great times were had by all!

Group area/Camp Fire Area

Rebekah and her cousin Anya--Hot chocolate duty

Rhett climbed every rock he could find

Austin entertained himself for hours on this bike-Thanks to whoever brought it!

Neldon's way to win the sack race-one sack on each leg

Jenny and Payton

The 2nd reunion was the 1st Sessions Family Reunion. We have decided to retrace our "roots" and go back to some of the places my family has lived. My brother Jeff planned the reunion and it centered around McCall, ID-where we lived when our family finally became complete (Lyndsey and Tim were born there). Jeff scored some great condos for the weekend. Neldon could not get enough time off so he got to fly to Boise-I got to drive with 4 kids (including a 7 week old baby) from Las Vegas. I split it into 2 days but by the time I got to Jeff's house, I didn't like my kids very much. I soon got over my drama and the rest of the weekend was a blast! We visited some of our old "haunts" from when we were little and told lots of great stories and memories, including a slide show of all of our pictures while we live there from 1978-1983. AWESOME! We rode the ski lift to the top of Brundage Mtn., picked wild huckleberries (YUM!!!), went swimming in Payette Lake, enjoyed a frozen treat from Ice Cream Alley, and a yummy dinner at Si Bueno's. Enjoy the pics!

Dad, Jeff and Tim hanging out at the condo

Rhett swimming in Payette Lake

Cousins at the beach

Ice Cream Alley=YUMMY!

10 Sessions Grandkids

Sessions Family 2010-On top of Brundage Mtn.

Rhett, Jenny, & Payton on the ski lift

Austin picking huckleberries

Like I said in the beginning of this post-I heart family reunions! Mainly because we have the best families ever!

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Shan Reid said...

Fun! You had a busy summer. And I think you are super duper brave for making that trip alone with all your kiddos... nerves of steel.